Dr. Stefanie Green, M.D.
         Maternity Care

"No matter how the birth experience goes for you, whether it's just as you imagined or completely different, I promise you one thing. It will be one of the most intense experiences of your lifetime. It is a physical experience, a mental experience, an emotional experience and a sexual experience. And it is a cause for celebration. I will help you prepare for this experience in as healthy and safe a way as I can."

                             - Dr. Stefanie Green, M.D.
                               Victoria, B.C.

dr. Green and 2 nice patients

      About Dr. Green
  • 24 hour Team Availability
  • Hospital Privileges
  • Continual support throughout Labour, Birth and Post-Delivery
  • Experienced over 16 years, 3 cities, 3 languages & many cultures
  • Surgical assists in cesarean and pediatric surgery


   Delivering with Dr. Green

Practicing patient-centred care in a professional, caring environment for the pregnant and post-partum women of Victoria, BC.

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                  Dr. Stefanie Green
                  1964 Fort Street - Unit 326 (3rd floor)
                  Victoria, BC   V8R 6R3
                  Tel: (250) 592-4710

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