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"Dear Stefanie- I am writing to thank you so much for the respectful, gentle and overall excellent care that you gave to myself and my new family. It was an amazing experience to go through with you and I really appreciated how you listened to my needs and how we discussed each stage of labour and how you gave me both your professional opinion and space for me to make the choices I needed to make. I have no regrets regarding the experience and I owe a lot of that to you for allowing me the time and space to be in the experience. You are an amazing doctor."

                                                                    -Mary and Ed

"Dear Dr. Green- On a regular basis I find myself thinking of how grateful I am for you! Getting pregnant with Sadie and Jaxson was a true miracle after 6 years of trying, much heartache, introspection and faith. And I am so thankful that you were our doctor throughout this journey. I am in awe of the multitude of gifts you bring to your patients, but I am more in awe of the extraordinary human being we have come to know and look forward to seeing. Thank you for sharing such a precious time in our life's journey and thank you for bringing our little miracles into this world"

                                                                    -Monique and Rhonda

"Dear Dr. Green- Thank you so much for helping us to bring Finley into the world. The care that you gave to both of us was wonderful and I know that forever more, whenever I'm swapping birth stories I'm always going to hear 'your doctor massaged you??!'  Lucky me, no wonder you were so highly recommended."


"Dear Dr. Green- Thank you so much for helping on our journey of bringing Solomon into the world. Through it all we took great comfort in knowing that we had the on-going, knowledgeable and kind-hearted support of you and your team every step of the way. You are an amazing doctor!"

"P.S. See you in a few years!!"

                                                                     -Suzanne and Jon

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