Dr. Stefanie Green, M.D.
Maternity Care

Dr. Stefanie Green completed a Bachelor of Science, with honours, from the University of Toronto in 1989. She then went on to obtain her medical degree at McGill University in 1993. She further trained in Family Practice at McGill University, completing her residency in 1995. She continued her studies, completing a fellowship in Palliative Care and a fellowship in Infant and Maternal Health also at McGill University in 1995 and 1996.

Dr. Green was recruited from residency directly into an academic/teaching position with McGill university at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. There she had a full-spectrum family practice including hospital care, maternity care and teaching responsibilities to both medical students and medical residents completing their training.

After one year, and marriage, she moved with her husband to Toronto and became affiliated with the University of Toronto as an academic physician with her own practice at the St. Jamestown Health Centre, formerly of the Wellesley-Central Hospital. This practice was also a full spectrum family practice with a large focus on women's health and maternity care to the diverse, multi-cultural population of inner-city downtown Toronto. In 1998, she gave birth to a son. In 1999, Dr. Green became the head of the Department of Family Medicine's Obstetric Group at St. Michael's Hospital, the largest family medicine training program in Canada. In 2000, she gave birth to a daughter.

In 2001, Dr. Green and her family moved to the United States of America where she was a full time mother and homemaker for 10 months. She returned to Canada and moved to Victoria in 2002 where she once again began practicing family medicine and maternity care. That same year, she started the Quintessence Maternity Group and in 2003 she re-focused her practice solely on maternity care.

Dr. Green has lived through health care restructuring in three provinces. She speaks English and French and plays a pretty good game of ice hockey. Her children continually teach her how to be a better physician by ensuring she learns to listen, be patient, and recognize everyone for their individuality.

P.S. from the doc: That's a picture of my son on the top right-hand corner!

Dr. Green is a Clinical Instructor at the University of Victoria
and at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine.

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