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Quintessence Maternity Group

Quintessence: Someone or something exemplifying the highest standard.

Our Philosophy  |  Members of our Team  |  Style of Practice  |  On Call Arrangements

Our Philosophy…

We are a group of six family doctors who have formed a team for providing maternity care in Victoria, BC. We created this team in order to provide and develop an excellence in family centered maternity care. This means we practice medicine in a way that puts you, your family, your beliefs, and your ideas at the centre of our attention. We have a wealth of experience collectively and look forward to sharing our skills with you.

Our name, Quintessence, reflects the fact that we recognize five distinct periods in maternity care: 0-10 weeks, 10-20 weeks, 20-30 weeks, 30-40 weeks and 40-50 weeks (the postpartum period). Each period is unique and has specific issues that we deal with. As a group we honour those who have provided this care over the ages. We also honour our training in Western medicine and strive to blend the old with the new to reach our goal of excellence in maternity care.

Meet the Doctors:

You will have the opportunity to meet all the members of our team and ask any questions you may have. Please ask your personal physician about the next 'meet the doctors' night.

Our Philosophy  |  Members of our Team  |  Style of Practice  |  On Call Arrangements

Members of our Team

Victoria/Oak Bay

Saanich Peninsula

Gordon Head

#326-1964 Fort Street
Victoria, B.C.

V8R 6R3
Tel: (250) 592-4710

#205-1931 Mt. Newton Cross Rd.
Saanichton, B.C.

V8M 2A9
Tel: (250) 652-9227

201 - 1595 McKenzie Avenue
Victoria, B.C.

V8N 1A4
Tel: (250) 721-1188

Saanich Peninsula

Western Communities


#205-1931 Mt. Newton Cross Rd.
Saanichton, B.C.

V8M 2A9
Tel: (250) 652-9227

313-877 Goldstream Ave.
Victoria, BC
V9B 2X8
Tel: (250) 478-4421

326-1175 Cook St
Victoria, BC
V8V 4A1
Tel: (250) 386-2449

To reach the doctor on call evenings or weekends

please dial  370-8180

Style of Practice…

Each doctor has an independent practice where she receives and cares for her maternity patients.

During regular office hours, your personal physician will direct your care. Each physician is responsible for a 24 hour period when she will be available to the hospital for all of the group's prenatal, delivery and post-natal care. Although you are not guaranteed to have your personal physician at your delivery, you will gain by having doctors who are well rested and focused on your needs.

Our team has made the commitment to provide hands-on, personal care throughout your stay in hospital. Our on-call arrangements allow us to be present during your labour without other distractions. We believe this to be of significant benefit to you and your family as it allows us to provide a continual, reassuring and supportive environment throughout your birth experience.

On Call Arrangement:
Evenings and weekends you can reach the doctor on call by dialing 370-8180
Please leave a message stating:
your name · your doctor's name·  your telephone number · a brief description of your problem

The doctor on call will respond as soon as possible.

Our Philosophy  |  Members of our Team  |  Style of Practice  |  On Call Arrangements

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